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Format: CD
Label: PIAA
Rel. Date: 08/26/2016
UPC: 5414939940361

Dancing With Bad Grammar: The Directors Cut
Artist: L.A. Salami
Format: CD
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Formats and Editions


1. Going Mad As The Street Bins
2. & Bird
3. No Hallelujahs Now
4. Anything's Greener Than Burnt Grass
5. I Wear This Because Life Is War!
6. The City Nowadays
7. Papa Stokely (Skit)
8. I Can't Slow Her Down
9. Loosley On My Mind
10. Why Don't You Help Me?
11. Day To Day (For 6 Days A Week)
12. Def (A) Ormation Days
13. Aristotle Ponders The Sound
14. My Thoughts, They Too Will Tire
15. Pete The Monkey: The Baptism Of Petter The Young (Feat. Francobollo)

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